Stock ECU Mapping

The most notable benefit of having a dyno at our disposal is the new ability to be able to reliably tune your car’s management systems and quantify the results!

There are various levels of tuning available and each will be more or less applicable depending on your individual car. Here at Rotary Revs we offer a service whereby you can have your relatively stock car, remapped to benefit it’s basic systems. This could be anything from a ‘quick tune’ and Dyno Power Run to simply map for basic function changes such as coolant fan turn-on settings and the changing of cold rev limits or perhaps a full dwell time change to suit and really get the most our of our D585 or D585-R ignition coil kits.

Our Stock ECU Mapping and ‘mini maps’ run from £89.99 to £249.99
and include:

Looking to take your tuning to the max?

Then make sure you take a look at our other Custom ECU Mapping service or give us a call to talk about which type of ECU mapping would best suit your needs.