Custom & Aftermarket ECU Mapping

Our custom ECU mapping is ideal for OEM & aftermarket ECU owners looking to maximise performance and unleash the full power of your vehicle’s mods.

The majority of cars going on the dyno for full tuning session’s will generally have modifications. This can be anything from a de-cat & intake system right through to a forced induction set up and race preparation level mod’s. For these cars we offer bespoke ECU remaps carried out on-site, on the dyno, specifically and individually tailored for your vehicle. This will allow your car to realise the full potential of the modifications you have so lovingly chosen and fitted to it …and the results can be impressive. Very impressive!

Our DYNOmite hub dyno allows us to apply load to your engine at very specific points and hold it accurately. This in turn, allows us to tune individual cells on the map by minute increments to glean out maximum performance throughout the rev range. All of this is carried out with the car attached to a variety of monitoring equipment which analyse and feedback everything from air : fuel ratio, oil pressure, fuel pressure, boost pressure on forced induction engines and just about anything else you require, to the tuner.  This process is called ‘steady-state tuning’ and cannot be replicated effectively under any other circumstance.

Custom tuning of this type is time consuming and there are no shortcuts or other real, viable alternatives if you want the best results.

Our prices start with a fixed entry-level package as tuning a stock ECU map to unlock the potential of new modifications is very different from tuning an entire map from scratch on a blank aftermarket ECU. So how long the ‘tune’ really takes will vary from one car to the next. Four hours is a good time frame to use as a starting guideline, though a compelte tuning within this time frame is not guaranteed.

Rotary Revs Custom ECU Mapping starts from £349.99

And includes:

* Where applicable; in cases where an after market ECU needs to be fitted before tuning commences, we can install the new ECU at our (lower) standard labour rate. In instances where an ECU needs to be fitted but has not yet been acquired we can also supply an off-the-shelf unit or build you a custom ECU unit from scratch (POA).