Expert Help

When you vist a garage, you're usually looking find out about services or gain some advice from an experienced mechanic. If you're looking for the former, you can find out about our services here. If it's help you're in need of, we have a growing knowledge base of all things RX-8, authored in-house to answer just about any question you could ask. To keep things simple, we've split our knowledge base up into three primary categories; Engine Information, Common Faults and How To's.

Engine Information

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Learn about the RX-8's Renesis rotary engine and find answers to your engine-related queries among our engine information articles.

Common Faults

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Find out about common faults with the Mazda RX-8 as we explain what they are, how or if they can be avoided and what to do if your car experiences one.

How To's

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From checking your oil to fitting our Ignition Kit, our how to articles will take you, step-by-step through the most commonly requested tasks.