Power Runs

The most basic use for our DYNOmite hub dyno would be for a power run session.

A power run is essentially a full-throttle measure of your vehicles horsepower & torque output, across the rev range.

Having this information particularly when you can visualise it, is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you suspect your car isn’t ‘pulling’ quite as well as it used to. In this instance a power run can tell you everything you need to know; be that, you have an issue at certain points in the rev range and are losing power or that your perception of the experience has simply changed and in reality the car is fine.

Maybe you intend on fitting a power modification and want to be able to measure the difference in power output before and after installing the mod? Often manufacturers will claim their product can boost your car’s performance by ‘X’ amount. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what you’re actually getting for your money?

We use this particular technique regularly at Rotary Revs, in vetting parts and modifications, prior to making them available to purchase in our online store. This helps us remain confident in all of the products we sell, and also ensures value for money for our customers as well as real world gains out on the road and track!

A full Power Run session costs just  £65.00
and includes: