Limited Warranty

RotaryRevs Store Ltd warrants to the original end user customer (*customer*) unless otherwise specified. This limited warranty covers work carried out in the workshop or any products manufactured by Rotary Revs Store Ltd. The limited warranties cover products and services to be free from defects in workmanship or material for one year from the invoice shipment date or date of collection from Rotary Revs facility. This limited warranty is part of and incorporated into the Rotary Revs Terms of Sale.

This limited warranty does not apply to any products sold by Rotary Revs branded by any other manufacturer or retailer. Further, this limited warranty does not apply to any software or to any set-up, training, calibration or consulting services.

The above limited warranty does not apply to any Product or Product component which has been (a) modified or altered outside original factory specifications, (b) subjected to improper or unauthorized installation, maintenance, adjustment, disassembly or attempted repair; neglect, damage, misuse, or accident, (c) used in other than those specific applications recommended by rotary revs, and/or Product/Service Bulletins or other similar post-sale documents in effect on Product shipment, or (d) sold or resold in violation of UK export regulations.

Customer agrees to notify Rotary Revs Warranty Department, at the below address, promptly upon discovery of a suspected warranted defect. Rotary Revs will, in its sole discretion, determine whether the entire Product must be returned or whether only affected, allegedly defective components, (as determined by Rotary Revs) of the Product may be returned. If Rotary Revs determines that only components are to be returned, Customer is responsible for, and bears all risk associated with, proper removal of such component(s) from the Product. Customer will not return any Product or component(s) without first contacting rotary revs and gaining permission. After gaining authorisation for the return Customer is responsible for shipment, at Customer expense and risk, of the allegedly defective Product or component(s) freight prepaid insured and properly packed to:

Rotary Revs, unit 7 smithies mill, Smithies Moor Lane, Birstal, West Yorkshire, WF17 8NS

With a copy of the Product purchase invoice showing the date of Product shipment from Rotary Revs.

Rotary Revs sole obligation under this limited warranty, and Customer’s sole remedy, is to repair or replace (at Rotary Revs option) any Product, or component(s) which Rotary Revs, in its sole determination, deems to be defective and to return the repaired or replaced Product or component(s) to Customer. Customer is responsible for all costs, expense and risk arising from, or associated with removal, installation, testing, calibration, insurance, and transportation of any Product or component(s) repaired or replaced under this limited warranty. Any repaired or replaced Product or component(s) will, upon Customer’s receipt, be covered by this limited warranty for the remaining period of the original pre determined warranty period. Rotary Revs may, at its sole option, and in lieu of repair or replacement, refund to the Customer the original purchase price for the returned defective Product. THE ABOVE IS THE ENTIRE WARRANTY AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, STATUTORY, OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OF FITNESS, MERCHANTABILITY, DESIGN OR COURSE OF DEALING ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED.


Rotary Revs total cumulative liability for actions relating to these terms or the products will be limited to the net purchase price of the products which are the subject of the controversy. In no event will Rotary Revs, its employees, officers or agents, be liable for any lost profits, lost data, goodwill or opportunity or any consequential, incidental or special damages however arising.

Complete Agreement

The foregoing terms and conditions and product warranties are the entire agreement and supersede all other agreements or understandings. These terms and conditions cannot be changed or amended except by written document specifically titled “Terms of Sale – Amendment” and signed by the Managing Director of RotaryRevs Store Ltd.