Under Seal Rust-Proofing

Quite simply, offering under-body sealing services for your Mazda Rotary Vehicle. Anybody who has seen the underside of an RX-8 after 70,000 miles will know that this is an absolute necessity.

Essentially the process of under sealing or ‘rust-proofing’ your RX-8 is made up by two steps;

  1. Firstly the under body of your car is stripped to the level required, in order to prepare the surfaces for rust-treatment and eventually, sealing.

    A series of wire wheels, hard brushes and compressed air is applied to the exposed areas to remove any existing rust. Once those areas are clean of rust and dirt an industrial grade rust treatment is applied which cures any remaining rust by converting it to a stable hydrophobic complex, then sealing the surface by leaving a protective polymer coating in place.

  2. Once step one is complete we apply 3M Car Body Schultz to protect the under body and prevent any rust from occurring again.

    We chose the 3M product, which is an asphalt-based body sealer, for its excellent one coat coverage capabilities, touch dry within the hour, it remains flexible once dry and does not sag. This allows the rust-proofing to be completed efficiently and means your vehicle can be ready to leave our garage, often same-day (dependant on how much of your car was stripped down for treatment).


Our under body coating treatment options;

  1. Factory-Exposed Seal

    Our most popular option, simply involves applying the process described above to the (factory exposed) under body of the car. This is a relatively common and straight-forward process and is the option most other businesses in the field are able to provide.

    This is also the same as the ‘free top-up service’ that we offer whereby every year when your car is serviced by us your under body seal is topped up free of charge.

    Our Factory-Exposed Seal costs  just £249.99
    And includes a free annual top-up.

  2. Factory-Exposed and Under Cover Seal

    Our second level of Under Seal Rust-Proofing is a tad more complex to say the least.

    In order to reach not only the factory exposed areas of your car but also those which are normally covered or inaccessible, for complete rust treatment, we remove your vehicles engine, gearbox, prop shaft, inner wing covers (front and rear) and the front and rear bumpers within this service level.

    By removing all of these components, it is possible for us to cover almost every area of the vehicles under body, including those covered/inaccessible areas which are suceptible to rusting and have no additional rust-proofing aside from that applied during  manufacture. This means that there is no risk of getting under seal all over your other components (enabling any future work be carried out without making the job incredibly sticky!)

    Customers who would find this option most satisfying tend to maintain their car in an excellent body condition and seek to keep it that way, indefinitely.

    Over 2-3 days, we can comprehensively seal and rust-proof your car, coming in at a cost of £949.99**
    Also includes a free annual top up.

    The cost of this sealant service may also be discounted substantially when added to or taken with any of our Engine Rebuild services, as much of the time taken to carry out this level of rust-proofing, is included in the cost of the engine rebuild. So if you’re thinking of or wonder if your car woul dbenefit from an engine rebuild, give us a call and ask about a reduced cost second level under seal.

  3. Comprehensive Seal

    Our highest grade of under body protection takes things all the way; not so much protection, as a compelte under-body refurbishment.

    This level of rust-proofing generally isn’t offered anywhere else – for any type of vehicle! It is a bespoke service that we have designed & refined over the years through our experience in building track, circuit and show cars. Rust-proofing and protection of this degree is a project within itself and not recommended for customers who need their cars on a daily basis (particularly because numerous elements of the service are outsourced to specific industry specialists and co-ordinated by Rotary Revs).

    Essentially, Level3 Rust-Prooding consists of the removal of… well, everything really!

    The front wings, the bumpers, the crash bars, the engine, the drive train, the diff, the front and rear sub frames, everything. Once the entire car is dismantled, the sub frames are stripped of the suspension components and hubs. Once all parts are separated, the sub frames, crash bars, strut bars, all the smaller components and hubs are sent off to our Preferred Powder Coating Partner, whom specialises in vehicle parts restoration. The components are are sand-blasted and then powder-coated in a colour of your choosing.

    Whilst this is happening, we poly brush your front suspension arms, your vehicle body undergoes the full rust-proofing treatment, including under sealing inside the chassis legs and inside the sills. Rear suspension arms are replaced with either new & adjustable aftermarket arms or new OEM Mazda arm components depending on your preference.

    Once the powder coated components arrive back with us, the rear sub frame is re-bushed with solid bushings for increased performance. Both sub frame assemblies are then rebuilt and re-fitted to the newly prepared shell.

    A new steering UJ is added when attaching the steering rack to the steering module and the under body covers and wing covers are re-applied. Followed then, by the rest of the running gear and finally your engine.

    Due to the substantial nature and variable options availalbe to you, the cost of this rust-proofing is heavily dependent on which parts you select  and opt for, for reassembly. So price is on application.

    £ POA
    As per our second level of Under Seal Rust-Prooding, the cost of our top tier service is negotiable when taken in conjunction with any of our Engine Rebuild services, as the time taken to carry the majority of the dissassembly works is included in the cost of an engine rebuild.

    If you would like to discuss any of the above with us or have any questions, feel free to get in touch.