Full Master ‘Reset’ Service

Our full master service is our flagship service for your Mazda RX-8, enabling owners to “reset” their service schedule.

This service is aimed at new owners and those who are unsure of their car’s service history; often annual servicing is skipped, missed or only a partial service is carried out (particularly common when servicing is not conducted by a specialist or Mazda dealership). Our master service replaces every serviceable item on the car ensuring that, regardless of the vehicles previous service life, everything is as new, fresh and clean – much the same as the day the car was collected new from the dealership. Thus allowing the standard three year service schedule to be resumed the following year.

With your service schedule reset, you can be confident that everything is covered and no stone left unturned, providing peace of mind for the foreseeable future and allowing you to resume standard care and servicing of your RX-8.

Our master service can be completed within 3 hours and inclusive of VAT is priced at,


The Breakdown…

The service includes the change and/or replacement of every fluid, filter and degradable item in your car.

This includes; engine oil, brake fluid, gearbox oil, differential oil, coolant/antifreeze, washer fluid, air filter, oil filter, pollen filters, air conditioning belt, water pump, alternator pulley belt and even a new set of windscreen wipers. Also included as standard, is our comprehensive 60-Point Health Check and available as an optional extra for those who are interested in knowing how much compression their engine is producing, our Compression Test; which is especially recommended if you have just bought or not long had your RX-8 or feel it is not producing as much torque or power as it maybe should.

Full Master 'Reset' Service Kit for Mazda RX-8

For a more in-depth overview of the various fluids and components looked at, changed or replaced during our master service, click any of the items below.

Engine Oil

Keeping your engine oil fresh and clean will ensure health and boost the longevity of your engine. At Rotary Revs only use the highest quality, superior branded semi-synthetic oil in your RX-8. Manufactured by award winning Millers Oils, we swear by their Trident 10w40.

Learn more about what kind of oil you should use in your RX-8 and why.

Oil Filter

The oil filter on your engine is essential to make ensure your fresh oil remains fresh for as long as possible. The filter primarily serves to protect your oil from particles and dirt which if your oil becomes contaminated with, can cause damage to the important and delicate parts of your engine.

Air Filter

Ensuring your air filter is clean and fresh at all times ensures that your engine can breath properly and vastly reduces the risk of foreign objects getting into the engine which can cause great damage to engine components

Washer Fluid

One of those service items that is very easy to forget to keep topped up and naturally, the only reminder is when you need it but don’t have it! Aiding vision during poor weather conditions and helping to keep your windscreen free of debris, we keep on top of this for you as part of all our regular servicing options.

Brake and Clutch Fluid

Over the years , your brake and clutch fluids soak up oxygen, moisture and depending on the application and usage of your brakes, can boil. All of which have a detrimental effect on the fluids ‘compressibility’. As part of this service, we thoroughly flush your system to ensure that the breaking efficiency of your RX-8 remains effective and safe.

Gearbox and Differential Oil

Keeping oil clean in your gearbox and differential unit is as important as the oil in your engine – and for the same reasons too! Old, dirty oil can result in crunchy gear changes and noisy differentials both of which are signs that irreparable damage has been caused or is in the process of being caused. Fortunately, because both the diff and gearbox units are sealed, the oil stays cleaner for longer but still breaks down over time and so must be replaced periodically.

Windscreen Wipers

Another service item that is liable to wear & tear but easily overlooked is your window wipers. Seeing out through your windscreen when it’s raining is obviously very important (arguably more so than at any other time), and older grubby, worn or torn blades can severely hamper your wipers ability to sweep the water and rain out of your field of vision. We ensure that your wipers are kept fresh, with silicon blades kept in good working order by replacing them at regular intervals with superior BOSCH wipers for efficient, premium wiping (…and yes, we think you will notice the difference!) 🙂

Ancillary Belts

Fortunately the rotary engine isn’t plagued with the need for a timing belt or chain like most conventional engines. That said, it does still have ancillaries belts that if left to perish will result in your car broken down at the side of the road. Replacing these belts as part of your vehicles service schedule ensures that any issues are pre-empted and dealt with before the worst can happen.

Pollen Filter

Pollen filters are often over looked, generally because they are not blatantly easy to find. It is important that they be serviced though for both driver and passenger comfort (as opposed to the health of your car). We change your pollen filter regularly to help protect suffers against hayfever breakouts or off-smelling vents and air-conditioning.

Antifreeze / Coolant

The primary purpose of coolant in your engine (often referred to as antifreeze) is to help radiate heat out of your engine. Though water can do this effectively on its own, it is important that a coolant is mixed in. The RX-8 is run on an ethylene-glycol based coolant which contains various additives to prevent rusting and corrosion between the points where the aluminium and steel parts of the engine meet. All this, whilst also increasing the boiling point of the water in the cooling system and lowering its freezing temperature too.

Keeping your coolant reasonably fresh ensures that its ability to do these things at an efficient level is maintained, and helps prevent serious failure of water seal jackets and water pumps too.

Spark Plugs

Rotary engines are particularly harsh on their spark plugs and since they are such a vital part of your car’s ignition system it is important that they are well maintained. Spark Plugs are covered as part of our master service so that you can be certain they have been addressed recently and are at no risk of causing any damage to your engine.

60-Point Health Check

Unlike regular health checks you may expect from a day-to-day garage, MOT centre or the AA man, the Rotary Revs 60-Point Health Check is designed specifically for the Mazda RX-8; paying particular attention to the known common faults of the vehicle whilst carefully inspecting the vehicle for the not-so-common faults too.

Since we work with RX-8’s every day and are long standing members of the UK Mazda RX-8 Owners Club, our technicians arguably know the RX-8 better than anyone else.

It is for this reason we pride ourselves in being able to identify issues with the car very early on, hopefully preventing any sort of total failure.

Service Book Stamp

Although you will always receive all of the associated paper work with your service (VAT invoice, Health Check sheets, etc) it’s also important to stamp your service book to keep an accurate and true record for your all-important service history.

Our full master services costs £444.99 and takes approximately 3 hours to to complete.

To arrange a Master ‘Reset’ Service for your RX-8, contact us or for more information, speak to one of our specialists.