60-Point Health Check

Our ’60-Point Health Check’ has been developed in-house and is unique to Rotary Revs.

The check is essentially a set of predetermined items, components and areas which we use to tick-off during the course of ‘health checking’ an RX-8. Our check-list was written in-house, specifically for the RX-8 and is no run-of-the-mill check sheet! Each of our 60 points have been engineered to identify and inspect very specific aspects of your vehicle, which we know to be prone to (and have at first hand, seen) issues with in the past.

Our health check gives a thorough & comprehensive overview of your RX-8’s condition for just, £57.99

The primary focus of the check is to identify current and potential issues with your car (in the case of the latter, hopefully long before they can manifest into a real problem or cause any serious damage.) Pair this with all health checks being conducted by our seasoned and experienced RX-8 technicians, and the chances of your car developing unforseen issues is greatly reduced.

We work consistently hard to ensure that our inspection process is thorough and precise, in every case.

Our health check combined with our other diagnostic services and apparatus have helped us save customer many thousands of pounds in what would have otherwise been expensive repair bills, via identifying and pre-empting problems with customer RX-8s, long before they can fully develop, worsen or do any serious or further damage to other parts of your car or its engine.

Don’t forget, we also include our health check in with each of our servicing options as standard too!*

Contact Us to book your RX-8 in for a 60-Point Health Check for just £57.99, or discuss any concerns you have with one of our rotary specialists.

*Excluding Interim ‘Mid-Year’ Service