3rd Year Service

This is the largest of the tri-annual services in our service schedule and sees replenishment and replacing of the final serviceable items in your RX-8.

The Rotary Revs ‘3rd Year’ Service covers each of the all-important engine health related consumables, as per our first year and second year services, but also replaces essential fluids and other service items including gearbox oil, diff oil, brake fluid and engine coolant along with new spark plugs and a fresh pollen filter.

The Gearbox Oil is as important to the life of your gearbox, as engine oil is to the life of your engine. Fortunately, the gearbox on an RX-8 is a sealed unit and so the oil that is used inside is a very high quality, fully synthetic oil and so does not need replacing annually as a result. That said, servicing this oil every three years is important as leaving it longer could easily cause wear and damage to the internals of your gearbox and ultimately result in the need for a full gearbox replacement.

The Differential Oil is much the same as the gearbox oil in that it does not need to be changed annually, but it is important to replace it at least every third year. Differentials will begin to ‘whine’ quite badly when the oil is past its best. This whine is a sure sign of excessive wear and if you suspect that your differential might be whining or due an oil change, it is well-worth having this done. Replacing the differential completely would be an expensive repair, so keeping on top of the condition of your diff oil is important.

Brake and Clutch Fluid is vital to the performance of your brakes and also ensures that clutch operation and gear changes remain smooth and easy. Though the two systems are independent of each other, they do share the same oil reserve. Brake fluid is essentially a hydraulic oil and it’s important that this does not compress when pressure is applied. Over time the fluid will absorb moisture and air particles, both of which compress the fluid and causes a ‘spongy’ pedal feel equating to hampered brake performance and reduced braking strength. Condition and performance aside, it is clearly imperative that this fluid be kept clean and in full working order for safety reasons.

Our 3rd-Year Service takes around 2 hours to complete and inclusive of VAT is priced at,


3rd Year Service Kit for Mazda RX-8

Spark Plugs are a key component required for a healthy and clean-running engine, for without them, your engine would not run at all. Rotary engines are quite harsh on their spark plugs and things like flooding, incomplete ignition and the extreme temperatures inside the engine all play a part in reducing the service life of the plugs. It’s important that the plugs get changed at regular intervals to ensure that the health of your engine is maintained.

Engine Coolant or ‘antifreeze’ is designed to carry heat out of the engine so that it can be radiated through the cars radiator. Water alone is just about capable of doing this but over time would cause serious issues. Cavitation corrosion between engine parts, freezing in cold weather and a low boiling point are all problems that adding coolant/antifreeze is designed to cure.

All in all, our third year service includes:

As with all of our servicing, the above comes accompanied by paper work for your service records, including a VAT invoice and your cars’ Health Check Sheet.

Our 3rd-Year Service costs £379.99 and takes around 2 hours to complete.