2nd Year Service

In the second of a three year service cycle, we see the first important perishable items on your car replaced with new as part of Mazda’s 3-year service schedule.

The Rotary Revs ‘2nd Year’ Service covers the all-important engine health related components as per the 1st Year Service, but also replaces other perishables such as the windscreen wipers and ancillaries belts.

The importance of fitting new Windscreen Wipers to your car is not to be underestimated, they are an essential, yet easily over-looked service item that for obvious reasons, are crucial for safe driving in wet conditions. At Rotary Revs, we use Bosch Aero Blade wipers which are strong and ensure reliability, performance and longevity. The quality silicon rubber blades will not let you down and provide a smooth and thorough sweeping of rain water out of your field of vision.

Ancillary Belts are another important component and the RX-8 uses two of them; one to turn the air conditioning compressor and one to turn the alternator and water pump. If either of these belts fail, the components which rely on them will also not function. This is particularly important with regards to the RX-8 water pump and alternator belt, as should this belt fray or snap with age, your car will break down having either run out of electrical power, or worse, over-heated which is likely to have damaged your engine. For such critical components we use and rely upon Gates belts, which are renowned for their quality and durability.

Our 2nd-Year Service can be completed within 2 hours, inclusive of VAT at only,


2nd Year Service Kit for Mazda RX-8

Our second year service includes:

The above is of course accompanied by all of the associated paper work for your service, including a VAT invoice and your cars’ Health Check Sheet.