1st Year Service

Mazda recommends a service schedule in which specific components of the RX-8 be checked or replaced at various intervals as part of your regular servicing, over a 3-year cycle.

This service schedule is designed to ensure that every single serviceable or perishable item on the vehicle is replaced over the period of three years, on an on-going basis and it is extremely important that this schedule be followed. Worn, dirty or damaged serviceable parts will cause problems if not maintained properly. This can lead to further problems with major components (such as the engine and gearbox for example) which could leave you in need of costly repairs if not cause accidents and potentially, injury. At the very least, your driving experience with be severely impacted and likely ruined as a result of non-servicing.

The Rotary Revs ‘1st Year’ Service is our version of Mazda’s first annual service and covers the most basic but also important engine-health related components in addition to thorough inspection of your car against our strict 60-Point Health Check, to give you an accurate picture of your car’s present health status.

Our 1st-Year Service can be carried out while you wait (between one to one & a half hours) inclusive of VAT costing just,


1st Year Service Kit for Mazda RX-8

In short, our first year service includes:

The above is of course accompanied by all of the associated paper work for your service, including a VAT invoice and your cars’ Health Check Sheet.