Ignition Uprating

It’s well known that the OEM Mazda ignition system is unreliable and prone to failure. What people often don’t realise is that in failing, the parts can (and often do) cause damage to other components such as the catalytic convertor and in more extreme cases the RX-8 engine itself.

The deterioration of coils over time manifests itself in numerous ways, from worsening fuel economy, waning performance, a strong smell of petrol coming from the exhaust and poor idle, ultimately leaving you broken down at the side of the road. So rather than replacing the Mazda parts with more of the same, it makes sense to upgrade your ignition.

Introducing The

Rotary Revs D585 Ignition Coil Kit

The Rotary Revs Ignition Kit offers longer lasting durability and increased reliability as well as gains in performance and fuel economy too. In fact, according to our many happy customers, our ignition kit gives real-world noticeable benefits such as better throttle response, improved low to mid-range power and makes for a healthier engine and altogether smoother ride.

We have designed and developed our own bespoke ignition kit that combats the issues which plague the Mazda components. Built around the LS2 D585 ignition coil design our kit offers a more potent ignition spark for a more complete combustion.

The Rotary Revs D585 Ignition Kit comes pre-built with an all new set of Magnecor ignition leads, bracket in an option of colours and wiring loom adaptor as well as the Ignition coils themselves.

We are so completely confident in this upgrade kit that we offer a lifetime warranty on it.

Should you ever have any issues with the kit you need only send it back to us for a diagnostic and if a fault is found with any part we will fix it and return the kit to you free of charge along with the cost of postage to us*.

The full kit with full warranty costs just £379.99 inc VAT
Add in Spark Plugs for only £79.99

Note: To validate any warranty claim we must have the opportunity to inspect and test the ignition kit ourselves.