Interim ‘Mid-Year’ Service

The Rotary Revs Interim Service is the most basic of our service options and designed to be carried out twice yearly or every 6,000 miles.

The service consists of essentially changing your engine oil and oil filter, replacing the drained oil with a high grade semi-synthetic oil which helps to ensure that your engines life blood is kept crystal clean and in full working order. (Read more about ‘Which oil should I use in my RX-8’ here.)

This type of half-way-house service is vitally important for the RX-8 in comparison to other vehicles due to the way that the Mazda oil system is laid out;

The total oil capacity of the RX-8 is around 7.5 litres but only around 4.5 litres of this actually sits in the sump. The remainder is split up laying in the coolers, cooler lines and the engine itself. So during a single oil change, we are only able to replace around 4.5 litres of oil in total, meaning that regular changes are fundamental to ensure that overall, your oil system is kept clean.

Replacing the oil in your car regularly also helps to negate the negative effects caused by the natural break down process of oil, as occurs through general usage in the hostile engine environment. It is also important to make sure that your oil metering pump is being continually fed clean oil so that not only is the oil being injected into the combustion chambers clean but also so that there is also no risk of your OMP lines blocking up.

This is the service Mazda didn’t include in their servicing schedule and the very lack of its presence, in our opinion, is likely the cause of many engine failures since the RX-8’s release in 2003. It is without question, imperative, that an interim service be carried out on your car in-between its annual servicing, regardless of whether the work is undertaken by us or conducted yourself at home.

Our interim service is competitively priced making it a nice, affordable insurance policy for your car’s engine and can be completed within the hour at our workshop (while you wait) for just,


Interim Service Kit for Mazda RX-8

The Rotary Revs ‘Interim’ Service includes: