Industrial Component Cleaning

We are very proud to own our very own Vixen Aqua Blaster (the Vixen 915 Aqua), which provides high-tech, high-efficiency industrial cleaning for car engine components.


Vixen Aqua Blast

The Blasters’ cleaning process acheives top-rate, real-world results, particularly on aluminium components which can clean up and come out looking good as new – even polished to a degree.

The machine works not by impact, like traditional media blasters, but by flow. The ‘slurry’ (which is water containing media), cleans and polishes without causing media impregnation, making the process ideal for the cleaning of engine components and other precision parts. The water in the slurry acts as a lubricant whilst air is injected to accelerate the media to produce the desired ‘cleaning’ effect.

Our industrial component cleaning service is ideal for the cleaning of:

  • Turbo parts
  • Rocker covers
  • Cylinder heads
  • Carburettors
  • Cylinders
  • Cam shafts
  • Front covers
  • Rotor housings
  • Water pump and thermostat housings

We primarily use this machine to work on the rotary engines that we build in-house. It enables us to get a finish on the housings and front covers that is really, comparable to a comprehensive engine refurbishment, and negates the need for paint to be applied afterwards (that would only flake off later anyway).

Vixen Jet Wash

Our Jetwash heats water mixed with environmentally friendly detergent, to 55 degrees Celsius and sprays it up to 150 litres per minute over the entire surface of any component(s) in the basket.

This process has a number of key benefits including the removal of stubborn oil and dirt, quickly and efficiently, ensuring thorough cleanliness of the components, whcih is essential for when we re-assembling any vehice parts.

This jet wash, mixed with air drying and cleaning via various other tools, collectively guarantees that any refurbished component builds that we put together work perfectly the first time and every time.

We are very proud of the industrial grade cleaning process that our engines go through to in order to become as clean as they do, when we are preparing them for reassembly. A level of cleanliness and thorough refurbishment which simply would not be possible without the Vixen top-loading Jetwash.