‘Gold’ Engine Rebuild

Our middle-tier and ‘Gold’ engine rebuild is by far our most popular offering and also provides the most value for money too!

There are parts and components that we replace with new in this rebuild (missing from our ‘Silver’ option) that some would argue are not essential …but since we have seen the parts in question fail in Mazda engines at first hand, it makes sense (to us), to swap them out and change them since we’re completely dismantling and then rebuilding your RX-8’s engine anyway!

The list of parts replaced in our ‘Gold’ engine rebuild include; a new set of genuine Mazda apex seals, side seals, corner seals, apex, side and corner seal springs, full engine gasket kit including intake, exhaust and front cover, full o-ring kit, new rotor bearings, new stationary gear bearings, thrust bearing, Torrington bearings, oil ring o-rings and a new thermal pellet bypass – to ensure that the stock Mazda pellet never fails. Oil pressure regulators are also modified to release at 95psi instead of 75psi offering greater protection for the stationary gear bearings.

Offering the biggest ‘bang for your buck’, our ‘Gold’ Engine Rebuild also includes our standard 12 months / 12,000 mile no quibble warranty and is inclusive of VAT at a total cost of,


Extended Warranties are available for £249.99 p/year for up to two additional years if you would like to protect your investment beyond our standard 12 month warranty. None of our extendable warranties need to be paid for or agreed to upfront and you can purchase an extended warranty at any time whilst your existing warranty is still valid or up to 1 month after its expiry.


We also offer two other engine rebuild options for those rebuilding out of necessity or looking for true performance gains:

‘Silver’ Engine Rebuild

‘Platinum’ Engine Rebuild

Rather than being thought of as a ‘budget’ rebuild, our silver entry-level rebuild is truly more of a rebuild by necessity option.

The way we see it, we’re putting our name on your engine and staking our reputation on the line with it too. So although your parts bill is kept to an absolute minimum, we will still replace anything we consider to be vital, to ensure your re-built engine is reliable and built to last.

The parts list includes genuine, all new Mazda apex seals, side seal and corner seal springs. Front and rear stationary gear bearings as standard and all the associated gaskets and seals, including the front cover gasket, necessary for any engine rebuild. We also modify the oil pressure regulators to release at 95psi instead of 75psi which helps to offer the stationary gear bearings improved protection.

Our ‘Silver’ Engine Rebuild comes in at a modest,


Including VAT and of course, our 12 months / 12,000 miles no quibble warranty.

Our ‘Platinum’ rebuild is by far, one of the most comprehensive on the market; guaranteeing the upmost quality and longevity.

The parts list is huge and is comprised of all new, all genuine, Mazda parts – many of which are belt and brace replacements. The only way to get a ‘newer’ engine would be to buy one new, directly from Mazda!

So what do you get in terms of parts? Well, we have a small collection of rare and almost perfect rotor housings which we reserve exclusively for our Platinum rebuilds. On top of this we replace all of the seals (apex, side and corner) for brand new genuine Mazda seals. A full and new front cover assembly including oil pump, end play spacer, oil pump chain, new Torrington bearings, thrust plate, bearing plate, v-spacer and end play spacer. All new rotor and stationary gear bearings, a brand new e-shaft, a full gasket kit including intake, exhaust and front cover, new oil and exhaust cut off rings and springs with new associated viton o-rings. Complete water gasket kit and o-rings, and a new thermal pellet bypass to ensure that the stock Mazda pellet can never fail. Oil pressure regulators are modified to release at 95psi instead of 75psi to offer the stationary gear bearings increased protection.

With our Platinum engine rebuild, the standard 12 months / 12,000 mile no quibble warranty included is of course included in the price and a full Rotary Revs Street Port is also offered as an optional upgrade, free of charge (RRP £259.99), for those of you a little more speed inclined or power hungry!

The total cost of our premium ‘Platinum’ Engine Rebuild, inclusive of VAT is,


Extended Warranty Options

Second and third year warranties are available at a reduced rate over our other rebuild options, for just £199.99 per year and these can be purchased at any point whilst the current warranty is still active and up to 1 month after expiry.