Dyno-Diagnostic Testing

The most powerful diagnostic tool in our arsenal is perhaps our DYNOmite Hub dyno. Although diagnosing faults is not its primary purpose, its plethora of sensors and monitoring equipment make it unrivalled in its capability to diagnose and identify issues with your car in an environment that is safe and fully audited.

Diagnostic testing on the dyno gives us the ability to replicate on-the-road conditions in a controlled environment; applying road stresses to your car & engine whilst being able to physically lean in and see/hear any issues, as they arise.

Although some diagnostics testing is perhaps doable whilst driving, sending your passenger out to peer under the bonnet while at speed is not widely advised.

The dyno can replicate almost any road condition and apply stresses to your car/engine at very precise points – enabling us to essentially stress test any specific point of the cars behaviour and throughout it’s performance.

Being able to pinpoint or simply come across issues that are present even when the user is completely unaware of the problem (and often in these circumstances pre-empt any further, more catastrophic  issues) it can often be worth investing in a dyno diagnostic session even if for no other purpose than to ensure that everything is working as assumed.

Diagnostic testing on our dyno runs at just £55.00 p/hour

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