Diagnostic Testing

Our diagnostic testing provides fast and detailed diagnosis of most problems. Combine this with our years of experience and even the most complex issues can be identified efficiently.


We use the very latest in OBD technology (on-board diagnostics) to carry out our diagnostic testing and ensure an efficient and reliable service.

Utilizing sophisticated trade-tools from ‘Snap-On’ such as the ‘VERUS PRO’, allow us to remotely access your cars on-board diagnostics system to capture and record all available data points and view data graphing live so that we can literally watch what is going on inside your ECU in real-time; see what your car and engine are doing, how they’re performing and what information each of your vehicles sensors are outputting at any given time.

An arsenal of pro tools and equipment paired with our many years of experience working on your exact model of car means that identifying any issue can be a short and simple process.

Rotary Revs Snap-on Diagnostic TesterAll of this helps us ensure you value for money through the efficiency of our diagnostics process.

In instances where the on-board diagnostic apparatus cannot detect or diagnose a fault, such as when having engine or some electrical issues for example, we have a full array of alternative tools available in our arsenal. From simple multimeters right through to genuine Mazda test equipment that help us identify all types of problem and issue.

All this said, not all vehicle problems are easy to find; one problem can often manifest itself by interfering with another system in the car that would otherwise be working perfectly. It’s these types of more complex issues that can quickly become expensive to diagnose when relying on an inexperienced mechanic. Yet another reason to opt for a rotary specialist who has years of hands-on experience and knows your car inside out like we do.

Our Diagnostic Testing costs just £44.99 for a standard code read and diagnostic test. Where more advanced diagnostic testing is required for diagnosing physical faults such as with wiring etc, we bill by the hour at the same rate.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our diagnostics please do not hesitate to contact us where one of our team will be happy to discuss the process with you and answer your questions.