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If we expect good longevity and top performance from our rotary engines it is clear that extra lubricant must be added to the fuel.

This is why; the oil metering system is responsible for lubricating the delicate apex seals, compression seals and housing surfaces that are common to every rotary engine. Oil is fed from the engine oiling system (oil-pan) to a variable ratio-metering pump, then it’s injected into the engine where it partially blends with the onrushing air-fuel charge.

This incomplete blending and fuel-to-oil ratios of 400:1*and higher are cause for alarm, but now add in unleaded fuels that are designed to clean piston engines, these fuels and the rotary’s high combustion temperature quickly clean away this small amount of oil leaving little or no lubrication. This causes increased friction and wear, resulting in decreased performance and longevity.


With over 25 years experience and more than 1000 rotary engines built, we know excessive wear on apex and compression seals as well as critical housing surfaces is caused from inadequate lubrication. What’s all this mean? Without proper lubrication friction, heat and today’s fuels will likely cause premature failure of some expensive engine parts, great for Mazda’s profits but not good for you and me.

By reducing friction and wear Protek-R can extend rotary engine life by 30% or more, depending on your driving habits and consistency of use. Protek-R blends completely with your fuel lubricating all critical surfaces, providing reduced friction and wear, adding longevity and keeping power.

In just one 24 hour race a Pettit Race Engine will get a lifetime of wear. With Protek-R in our fuel they show little engine wear compared to the average street engines we regularly disassemble.

TIP: In high wear situations (e.g. track or auto X day) use 2 “shots” of 120ml of Protek-R in your tank, along with premium fuel. For racing purposes Protek-R fuel lube is mixed with fuel at the ratio 100:1 or approx. 1oz./gal of fuel. For everyday use, once measure of 120ml should be poured into the tank prior to filling with petrol.

Pettit Built engines are the only turbocharged rotary engines in racing history to finish the grueling Rolex24 at Daytona, could Protek be a factor? We think so!


The Rotor Housings pictured below are out of 13b rotary engines Left housing has aprox. 80k miles with regular use of Protek-R fuel lubricant and would be reusable if not cut for this comparison.

The right rotor housing has only 60k miles. Several areas of wear prevent this housing from being reused.

What Rotary Revs say

It’s hard to expand on the above. But we can confirm than in the 1000’s of engines that we have stripped we have had the same findings and recognise the vital importance of premix oil, particularly in the S1 RX-8, right from the beginning.

And if there was any doubt left in your mind after the above consider that Mazda increased oil injection rates multiple times in an attempt to combat wear in the RX8 and then added a 3rd oil injector into the series 2 engine with a full rework of the already reliable oil metering system.


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Cut Friction Gain Power, use Protek-R!