How to: Remove the RX-8 Air Box

This article will take you through the process of removing the Air Box from a Mazda RX-8.

Removal of the RX-8 Air Box is split into three short tasks:

  1. Locating and removing the air box
  2. Opening up the air box and installing a new air filter
  3. Re-fitting the air box back into the engine bay


RX-8 Air Box Removal Guide

A: Locating and removing the Air Box
  1. To begin, pop open the bonnet of your RX-8 and remove the engine cover from the engine bay.
    remove-rx8-air-box (Step 1)
  2. With the engine cover out of the way, you also need to remove the Strut Brace; this is done by undoing the four 12mm nuts that hold the Strut Brace in place (two on each side).
    remove-rx8-air-box (Step 2)
  3. Next, disconnect and remove the three Breather Pipes that are connected to the Air Box.
    CAUTION! – Take care when removing these as the plastic lugs holding the pipes in place become fragile and can break easily.
    remove-rx8-air-box (Step 3)
  4. Once the Breather Pipes have been removed, loosen but do not remove the 10mm bolt in the jubilee clips, which holds Air Box to the neck of the Throttle body.
    remove-rx8-air-box (Step 4)
  5. With the jubilee clip now loosened, disconnect the black MAF sensor and green Vfad sensor plugs from the Air Box.
    remove-rx8-air-box (Step 5)
  6. When both plugs have been disconnected, remove the clips which attached their wiring to the Air Box and move the wiring to one side, out of the way.
    remove-rx8-air-box (Step 6)
  7. The Air Box should now be unattached from all other connecting components. Gently pull the neck of the Air Box toward you to tease it away and off of the Throttle body. When the neck of the Air Box clears the Throttle body, pull the box upwards toward you and slide it out to fully remove the Air Box from the engine bay.
    remove-rx8-air-box (Step 7)
B: Opening up the Air Box and installing a new Air Filter
  1. With the Air Box fully removed from the car, un-clip the two clips at the base to open the Air Box and access the air filter inside.
    remove-rx8-air-box (Step 8)
  2. Swap the old/current Air Filter out and replace with your new filter.
    remove-rx8-air-box (Step 9)
  3. Reseal the Air Box by firmly pressing down on the clips at the base of the box, ensuring they are clipped back into position.
    remove-rx8-air-box (Step 10)
C: Re-fitting the air box back into the engine bay
  1. To reinstall the Air Box, slide the back end of the Air Box into the Tray ensuring that it properly lines up with the two rubber-washers & bolt holes, pushing down on the front end to realign with the Throttle body.
    remove-rx8-air-box (Step 10B)
  2. Then push down on the front end to realign with the Throttle body.
    remove-rx8-air-box (11)
  3. Next, re-connect the three Breather Pipes to the Air Box, tightening up the 10mm bolt it the jubilee clip that holds the Air Box to the Throttle body.
    remove-rx8-air-box (Step 12)
  4. Plug the green and black plugs back into the Air Box and clip the plugs back into their sockets.
    remove-rx8-air-box (Step 13)
  5. At this point, double check all of your connections are solid and sound. When you are sure all connections are secure, re-fit the Strut Brace back to the vehicle (4x 12mm bolts (two on each side)).
    remove-rx8-air-box (Step 14)
  6. Re-seat the main engine cover back over the engine and remove all tools from the engine bay before closing your bonnet.
    remove-rx8-air-box (Step 1)