My car won’t start!

There are a few reasons why your Mazda RX-8 may refuse to start and correctly identifying the issue will depend on a couple of variables.

The first and main thing to work out is, when is your car having the most trouble starting up; when the engine is ‘hot’ (at around operating temperature) or when the engine is ‘cold’ (having been stood unused for a period of over at least 3 hours or more)?

Select the appropriate option below depending on whether your engine is having difficulty starting when hot or cold, to find out more and what could be causing your start problem…

My RX-8 won’t start when Hot

If you are experiencing problems starting your engine when hot, this could be down to one of three common faults;

My RX-8 won’t start from Cold

If your problems are most prevailant when your rotary engine is cold, this could be due to either;

For more information, to have your car inspected or even just to speak with one of our team – don’t hesitate to contact us.

More often than not, speaking to us or having your car inspected sooner rather than later, can result in a much lower cost of repair and help avoid more costly and serious problems.