How to: Jump Start your RX-8

This article will show you how to jump-start your RX-8 in the event your battery runs low and is unable to start your Mazda.

Parts needed:

  1. A pair of suitably-sized jump leads
  2. Donor vehicle with a charged battery to jump start yours
    [ In this example we will be using a Citroen C1 to jump our RX-8]

How to jump start:

  1. To begin, pop open the bonnet of your RX-8 and remove the engine cover from the engine bay, followed by the battery cover just below (left of centre).
    remove-rx8-air-box (Step 1)
  2. Do the same with the donor vehicle (lift the bonnet and reveal the battery terminals).
  3. Next, take your jump leads and connect one end of the Red cable to the Positive terminal on your RX-8 battery – ensure the jump lead is connected securely to the metal part of the battery terminal and not onto any plastic surround), like so:
    RX-8 BOSCH Battery
  4. Connect the other end of the Red cable to the Positive terminal on your donor’s battery.
  5. Then, take one end of the Black jump lead and connect to the Negative terminal on your RX-8 battery.
    RX-8 BOSCH Battery
  6. Your RX-8 battery should now look something like this:
    RX-8 with Jump Leads
  7. Again, repeat the process and connect the other end of the Black cable to the Negative terminal on your donor car, which should now look something like this:
    C1 Battery
  8. Both cars batteries should now be connected, Positive to Positive terminal using the Red jump lead, and Negative to Negative using the Black jump lead.
    Jump starting an RX-8
  9. Start your donor car’s engine, and have the owner rev the accelerator steadily.
  10. After allowing time for your RX-8 ignition to settle after turning the key two notches, attempt to start your RX-8. If nothing happens, re-check all four connection points of the jump leads to ensure contact with the metal terminals on both batteries.
  11. Your RX-8 should start up and now be running. Simply disconnect the jump leads in the opposite order they were applied, working backwards. Negative (Black) cable first, followed by the Positive (Red) cable last.
  12. It is very important you take your RX-8 for a long steady drive for a minimum of 30-45 minutes before switching the engine off again, in order to sufficiently re-charge your RX-8 battery.


If all else fails or you are unable to start your RX-8 you should contact us for immediate support and advice.

We offer a collection service and provide an emergency telephone number on our contact page too!