Pettit Racing Revomax Engine Oil

From Pettit Racing

Revomax – high performance 15w40 semi-synthetic motor oil

Revomax Powerblend is a technologically advanced lubricant engineered and developed to fully protect bearings and critical surfaces under the most extreme and punishing environments.

Our formula uses powerblending to combine the highest quality base stocks with Revomax’s advanced additive package delivering a superior engine oil with more consistent viscosity, superior film / shear strength, extreme thermal anti-breakdown qualities, and advanced anti-friction / anti-oxidation characteristics that minimize wear and corrosion, maximizing performance and longevity.

Tested and proven for over 5 years in numerous applications with gas and diesel piston engines for automotive and marine applications and Mazda rotary racing engines turbocharged & supercharged running flat out, 8000 – 10,000 RPM lap after lap, all day & night at venues like ROLEX24 at Daytona and American LeMans Series Endurance Races.

Revomax 15w/40 Powerblend Engine Oil exceeds requirements for nearly all manufactures and engine types currently built. In comparison to non synthetic and even some synthetic oils (at twice the cost) Revomax is superior in many ways.

What Rotary Revs say

Pettit Racing’s Revomax engine oil is an incredibly capable engine oil for your Rotary engine.

Although this oil is suitable in all rotary’s it really comes into it’s own in turbo charged engines still running an OMP. A must for the RX-7 guys!

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