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Based in Batley, between Leeds and Bradford, Rotary Revs is the UK's premier RX-8 specialist.

We provide a wide range of mechanical services, specialising in the rotary engine powered, Mazda RX-8. Rotary Revs is your single pit-stop for engine rebuilds, porting, compression tests, tyres, servicing, modifications and more, in West Yorkshire.

New premises, new website, new & improved RRevs...

Our website has been completely re-thought and re-built from the ground up. The redesign now contains a wealth of easy-to-navigate knowledge and information focussing solely, on the Mazda RX-8 and rotary technology.

Learn about the services and expert help we provide and now, browse a series of exclusive RX-8 products and Rotary Revs merchandise in our new online store.

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Services, Help & Knowledge

The Rotary Revs Garage contains a wealth of information and is the place to start.

Everything about our services, pricing and a comprehensive knowledge base of all things rotory & renesis can be found there.

Tutorials and how to's, all of the infamous common faults & problems along with explanations and general information on all aspects of the popular wankle engine.

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Our famous D585 Ignition Coil Kits; in stock and now available on finance too!

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UK RX-8 Owners Club logo Exclusive Owners Club offer for Members

Rotary Revs are pleased to offer a 5% discount off all store orders, exclusively to members of the UK Mazda RX-8 Owners Club.

Valid membership required. Terms & conditions apply.